Reflexology Therapy


Intuitive Bowen Therapy offers everything Bowen Therapy offers, but on a much deeper level. In a session clients are encouraged to become very present, and go ‘into’ their body, to explore areas that carry blockages which may be connected to emotional issues carried for some time. It is a very holistic approach to relief from a number of conditions.

Intuitive Bowen with Cellular Memory Process

  • 90 minutes - $120

In this in depth session we look deeply at the physical, mental and emotional patterns you have. Whilst having a bowen treatment, we bring in a much deeper awareness by going into the area of discomfort and releasing any mental and emotional connections that might be keeping your body stuck in certain pain patterns.

There is much evidence to support the idea that many physical issues manifest as a result of deeper emotional patterning. Treating only the physical doesn’t change these. Combining Cellular Memory Process with Bowen Therapy offers a holistic and lasting way to achieve balance on every level. 

History of Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy was first developed by Tom Bowen in the 1960’s in Australia. He is believed to have initially treated greyhounds and horses and then went on to set up a remedial therapy practice utilising his own technique which is the basis for many thriving practices today.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen is a remedial therapy. The body is constantly exposed to physical, mental and emotional stress so the amount our body is asked to do increases daily. We take it for granted that we can do whatever we want so that when something goes wrong, we demand a quick recovery.

Bowen Therapy encourages the body to recognise and make changes necessary to bring it back to homeostasis (physiological equilibrium), so when there is a breakdown of the system, the process of readjustment can be rapid. A Bowen therapist will treat the complete body rather than a specific condition.

As a modality, Bowen is gentle and non-intrusive and consists of the therapist using fingers and thumbs over certain points around the body, making a rolling move over the soft tissue, muscle, tendon and ligament.

The benefits of Bowen Therapy

The primary benefit of Bowen Therapy is relief from muscular-skeletal conditions, but also for a host of other ailments including:

  • reduction or relief from pain, including sciatica

  • reduced stress

  • enhanced mobility

  • increased energy

  • enhanced immune system

  • improved circulation

  • lymphatic drainage

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • plantar fascitis

  • depression

  • asthma