Feeling stressed, cramped or experiencing pain in your back?

Relax and unwind with a synergy of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point massage using our intuitive touch.

This personalized massage is perfect for targeting specific areas of need in order to reduce chronic muscle tension, stiffness and soreness, increasing range of motion and restoring flexibility.  Includes hot towel  back compress.  Pressure is medium to firm.

  • Massage is effective for releasing stress and tension from the body

  • Induces quicker muscle recovery from injury and sports

  • Helps to relax the mind and reduce mental and emotional stress

  • Supports wellbeing for illness recovery

  • Reduces pain and inflammation for acute and chronic conditions

  • Supports lymphatic drainage as well as providing fresh blood to decongested muscles

  • Aids detoxification of the body

Focusing on relieving stress and muscle tension:

90 min – head to toe $120

60 min – back, shoulders, neck & head $90

30 min – shoulder & neck $50


A gentle massage while releasing emotional blocks!

Every one of us experiences stress in our life, and whether it is physical or emotional, it is always stored in the body, resulting in the common symptoms of:

  • Aches and pains

  • Heaviness

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Fatigue

All of which point to a reduced flow of energy through the body.

During a session I use intuition to guide me to where your body requires healing. Through the massage, your body will be gently encouraged to release tension, and relax, which enables the normal flow of energy to resume and balance to be restored.

60 mins Intuitive Massage - $90

90 mins Intuitive Massage - $120

Intuitive massage therapy is a powerful process that encourages self-discovery and wellness. This type of therapy utilizes hands on therapeutic massage techniques to restore or balance the flow of energy within the body. As an intuitive therapist, I allow my intuition to guide me to where your body requires healing. Centuries of wisdom has taught us that just as our bodies have a physical anatomy, we also have an “energy anatomy,” and disruptions in this can have a negative effect on our overall health, and trigger any number of adverse physical and emotional symptoms. An energy blockage can manifest itself in many forms, ranging from chronic or acute pain to emotional disruptions. Through intuitive massage I focus on relieving pain and discomfort, and promoting a balance of body, mind and spirit. 


Enjoy your next massage session together for you and your special someone;

  • Mother & daughter time

  • Best Friends Forever massage

  • Couples massage 

Come and enjoy time together, being pampered and de-stressed while saving time!  Each of your massages will be personalised. 

Relax and unwind with a synergy of Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point massage, while lying on two separate beds next to each other.  There are two massage therapists—one for each person. Includes hot towel back compress.  Pressure is medium to firm.

Booking in advance is essential!

60 minutes - $200