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Autumn is here! Come join us on a 5 Week Guided Autumn Cleanse Challenge.  Learn tips and tools for immunity boost, abundant energy, perfect weight, improved digestion, glowing skin, emotional balance and mental clarity!

We focus on cleansing your body, mind and soul while instilling knowledge to help you live your life in balance indefinitely. This course is more than a physical process; the Lifestyle Cleanse promotes better spiritual, emotional and physical living and results in the joyous equilibrium of a life lived in balance. The process will leave you feeling rejuvenated and alive!

You will be empowered by a cleanse that helps you:

  • Build your immune system

  • Shed weight and re-energize your mind, body, and spirit! Receive the knowledgeable guidance and support of Kim to achieve the full-body transformation you’ve always wanted!

  • Lose Weight with the ‘Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse’ you’ll adopt proven principles for cellular cleansing and sustainable weight loss. Your plan will be thoroughly personalised.

  • Increase your Energy with alkaline-rich juices and meals.

  • Upgrade your Lifestyle, overcome barriers that may have held you back in the past.

  • To understand your ability for your body to better heal itself.

  • Get Inspired with healthy, affordable, nourishing and  personalised nutritional guidelines.  Get recipes, meal plans, and lifestyle practices to get you from where you are now, to the health of your dreams.

  • Discover an END to yo-yo dieting, restrictive eating or overeating in simple and practical ways!

Cost: $390

What will you learn;

  • How to properly combine your food to maximize digestibility, manage your weight, and avoid feeling bloated and heavy!

  • The importance of alkaline/acid balance and how this relates to extracting and removing waste from your body.

  • The importance of food order and the ideal way of structuring your food intake throughout the day to support detoxification.

  • How to increase your life-force (or “chi”) so that you can experience true energy (not just stimulation)

  • How to tailor your cleanse to your specific detox level and/or any health condition!

  • How to deal with food cravings and addictions (Find out which battles are worth fighting and which ones won’t set you back!)

Here’s what you’ll receive;

  • Access to the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse website; step by step online guide

  • 5 personal Lifestyle Cleanse Sessions, with Kim through video by phone or Zoom

  • Weekly Challenges to keep you motivated and help you develop new & lasting habits!

  • Recipes, menu planner, shopping list

  • Yoga Breathing / Meditation Video

  • Meditation Audio’s

  • Yoga Video’s (light practice) working with the Digestive System, Balancing Hormones and increasing Vitality!

  • Questions and Answers

  • On-going support

  • Share the journey with like-minded people; optional

All participants of the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse programme will be invited to become part of this private online forum within Facebook where you can connect with one another throughout the program, ask additional questions and post your favourite recipes. This private forum (only members will be able to see what’s posted) will become invaluable to you as you work your way through the programme. Not only will it will give you the opportunity to meet and connect with other cleansers just like you, but it will also enable everyone to swap resources and knowledge, all further adding to the a group experience and added support.

Get ready for more joy, balance, and clarity in your life! Join us for a fun, informative, meaningful, and transformative experience!

If you are passionate and want to take your wellbeing to the next level, you will find the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse transforming. I offer a complimentary phone appointment where you can find out more about Nirvana philosophy and if the Cleanse is for you. Please contact for a personal consultation that can lead you to more balance, increased energy & over all wellness!

I look forward to spending the month with you!

Balance, Joy & Wellness,