Nutritional Cooking


Your initial consultation at Nirvana is a chance for us to figure out what it is that you need to start feeling recharged, energised and healthy. We take the time to get to know you so we can make the most effect approach.


Your personalised roadmap to health!

Many diets are about deprivation, or restriction, and leave us with a thirst for more. We focus on the bigger picture – Your health.

You can have more energy, naturally. No “energy drink” needed.

If you are eating an otherwise “healthful” diet, and yet feel exhausted, or you are suffering from allergies and other areas of discomfort, you can make dietary adjustments to start feeling energized, satiated, healthy, alive, and well. Stop counting calories and fat, and learn to look at food in a new, energizing way.

Healthy Body – Abundant Energy

Initial Private Consultation – 90 minute + extensive personalised dietary plan

Sit down with Kim and delve deeper into the Natural Law of Food, Digestion, and your enhanced energy and health goals.

Initial consult includes:

  • Initial Consultation – $145

  • Thorough evaluation of eating history: past and present

  • Customised Transitional diet plan developed to meet your needs

  • Detox Guidelines: The Basic What Not to Eat, and What to Enjoy

  • Client receives Initial Consultation Packet consisting of:

    • Transitional foods shopping list

    • Food Combining Chart

    • Guide on: How to Survive Dining Out

    • Recommended reading

Additional Sessions – available on an as needed basis. Dependent on individual needs – 30 minutes $45