Massage Salts



An exfoliating, salt crystal buff which gently helps eliminate impurities using friction movements. Your deeply cleansed and oxygenated skin feels soft, smooth and revitalized – and is more receptive to the treatments to follow.

30 min – $50


(Nirvana Massage & Facial)

Escape and immerse yourself in Nirvana's most popular TLC ritual ... you won't be disappointed!

2 1/2hrs - $225


(Sea Salt Buff, Detoxifying Bath Therapy & Nirvana Massage)

After being exfoliated with the salt crystal buff, you are submerged in a heated, aromatic bath infused with a remineralising sea water concentrate, (rich in mineral salts and trace elements), a detoxifying Fucus and marine sediment blend, (promotes elimination of toxins and induces perspiration) and a synergistic blend of Juniper berry, Grapefruit and Tea-tree essential oils. Your therapist will then perform a Nirvana Massage using a detoxifying body oil – leaving your body restored and completely energized.

2hrs – $185


(Sea Salt Buff, Wellbeing Bath Soak & Nirvana Uplifting Massage)

Escape the signs of fatigue with this luxurious wellbeing ritual. Discover the healing and energizing effects of soaking in a marine bath, rich in active ingredients, combined with the relaxing effects of the massage jets. Immerge from the bath to receive a wonderfully pampering massage followed by the application of a refreshing, circulation boosting gel. A ritual that leaves you feeling revitalized – and on the path to well-being.

2hrs – $185


(Body Buff, Nirvana Massage, Seaweed Mask, Pressure Point Scalp Massage)

Your treatment begins with a detoxifying, red grape skin salt scrub. Followed by a Nirvana Massage using a synergistic blend of contouring and detoxifying essential oils. Experience the peak of marine pleasures whilst you are enveloped with our contouring seaweed mask, rich in minerals, trace elements and alginates. Let your mind drift as you receive a relaxing, pressure point scalp massage. Your treatment ends with an application of a nourishing body cream. Tensions are soothed away, toxins are eliminated, and your body is filled with new energy.

2hrs – $210


(Health drink, Foot cleanse ritual, Facial cleanse and exfoliation, Body exfoliation, Facial massage, Body massage, Hydrating Body Embalm, Warm botanical compress)

Prepare to indulge in our full, sensory signature experience by sipping on a cup of anti-oxidant juice. After receiving a foot cleanse ritual, both face and body are exfoliated to ensure a natural, healthy glow. Relax whilst receiving a pampering face and body massage. You are then embalmed in an extremely moisturising treatment cream to hydrate and nourish your skin. Awaken to a warm, botanical infused compress. Pure bliss.

3hrs – $290


Immerse your body in powerful grape skin and vine leaf anti-oxidant extracts combined with indigenous essential oils to promote wellbeing and anti-ageing, whilst achieving a deeper state of therapeutic relaxation. Your body is then glazed in nourishing body oils to soften and moisturize the skin. 

40 mins – $50


Far Infrared Sauna – The Wellness Spa Far Infrared sauna is the first step towards reducing stress, balancing your body and mind while receiving a plethora of health benefits. A soothing and enjoyable treatment in our in-house sauna will have you feeling radiant and refreshed.

Allow 1 hour for your experience. 30 - 45 mins in the sauna followed by a shower to wash off the toxins.  It is not as hot as a traditional sauna and most people are surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to sit there for 45 mins.

Concession card of 5 sessions - $200

1 Session - $45

60 min massage & sauna - $135

90 min massage & sauna - $180

It is also fantastic when used in conjunction with massage. Helping to relax and warm the muscles for a more effective deeper release during massage ... it’s such an excellent combination. We just love it, as your muscles just melt when we start to work on you.