Advanced Electrolysis to remove a variety of cosmetic skin blemishes, quickly and expertly. Unlike hair removal, these treatments generally require only one appointment (some cases may require more than one treatment) and take advantage of the very precise needle control required by electrolysis, also is often less painful than is commonly believed.

Advanced electrolysis, is a specialist treatment designed to remove skin tags, milia, thread veins (Telangiectasia), blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) and small warts.

Skin Tags 

Commonly found on the neck, underarm and groin area.  Often increase with age and friction.

Blood Spots 

Also called Campbell De Morgan spots or Cherry Angioma. Flat or protruding bright red spots which can be found anywhere on face or body.

Red Thread Veins

Commonly found on cheeks, on and around nose, upper chest and upper back. Dilated capillaries often caused by sun, smoking, UVA and UVB or hereditary reasons.

Spider Veins

Collection of vessels often surrounding a central ‘blood-spot’. Commonly found on cheeks, nose, below eyes, upper chest and back of hands.

Small white cysts commonly found on cheeks and under eyes.

Commonly found on hands, knees, fingers and are easily treated without messy “freezing” treatments.

A D V A N C E D    E L E C T R O L Y S I S

  • 15 mins – $50

  • 30 mins – $80