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My Journey

Founded by Kim Heselwood, Nirvana Wellness Spa is a holistic sanctuary nestled in the heart of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, where you can reconnect with yourself, find inner joy and peace.

About Kim

‘I am me – I am enough’

That quote is something I know applies to everyone, and I feel very fortunate to live a life where I can help others see that in themselves. But it wasn’t always something I believed. Like many, my journey into health involved challenges.

In 2000, whilst living in the Europe, I became ill. My digestive system crashed, I couldn’t eat or drink much for nearly two years, and my body literally started shutting down. I had to leave Mallorca, and return to my home country, New Zealand. Once there I began a slow and thorough process of healing and also training in various modalities.

I quickly found that many of my health issues were deeply connected to emotions and issues from my past. This awareness led me to The Journey Therapy, and also Cellular Memory Processing, both of which enabled me to let the past go, and find my true self again.

I know my growth is due to taking a holistic approach, and working with the body, mind and spirit. I combined cleansing/detoxing, emotional clearing and writing with an endless amount of patience and self love.

Much of my work has been inspired by the philosophies of Dr John R Lee, Dr Norman Walker, and Natalia Rose, experts in the field of health and wellbeing.

My work is a fusion of the many modalities I have trained in, some of which are Bowen Therapy, equine therapy, massage, beauty therapy, holistic nutrition and colonic therapy are just some of the things I have trained in.

My passion is holding a space for others, to dig deep, let go of what no longer selves them, and shine their light brightly.