Happy Teens

Learn to face challenges with confidence!


Being a teenager in today’s world can be challenging and stressful. Not only do they face exam pressure, they are also bombarded by a host of other challenges such as peer pressure and bullying. This can lead to anxiety, depression and uncertainty around identity and who they are in the world.  Issues with self image - which is sadly put in question a lot given the current content of most media channels - is also on the rise. Sadly, research shows that the number of teenagers being medicated for depression and anxiety is on the increase, and is likely to continue to grow.

I offer a unique approach to helping teenagers learn to trust their intuition, reconnect with who they are, and learn to face challenges with confidence.


This in depth and powerful session involves:

  • Guided visualisation

  • Learning simple healing techniques which can be used anywhere and anytime

  • Exploring and releasing beliefs that no longer serve them

  • An in depth exploration of any emotional blocks that may be present

After the session they will leave feeling empowered and more in tune with their inner guidance and intuition. They will be more confident about approaching situations which in the past caused stress, and will have a clearer understanding of who they truly are.

1 hour Session - $60