Woman in a Sauna


Far Infrared Sauna – The Wellness Spa Far Infrared sauna is the first step towards reducing stress, balancing your body and mind while receiving a plethora of health benefits. A soothing and enjoyable treatment in our in-house sauna will have you feeling radiant and refreshed.

Allow 1 hour for your experience. 30 - 45 mins in the sauna followed by a shower to wash off the toxins.  It is not as hot as a traditional sauna and most people are surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to sit there for 45 mins.

Concession card of 5 sessions - $200

1 Session - $45

60 min massage & sauna - $135

90 min massage & sauna - $180

It is also fantastic when used in conjunction with massage. Helping to relax and warm the muscles for a more effective deeper release during massage ... it’s such an excellent combination. We just love it, as your muscles just melt when we start to work on you.